Testimonials from people we serve. If you need care we are just a phone call away! We come to you!

Russel K.(Carson CA) “EAI Care provider cared for me and my wife. We don’t have much but they are very compassionate and gave us the right people to work with. They are very affordable and very professional. We would use them again anytime we need care”

H. Wilson (Compton CA) “We love the service of EAI Care Provider. We are from Compton and they go out of their way to service us. They care of me very good. Even with my Diabetes they are always there to serve. Very professional people I Highly recommend them”

Mr. & Mrs Hunt (Redondo Beach) “They are very professional people. They match you with the right caregiver. If you need care call them they can help.”

Rosalie D. (Hollywood CA) “EAI Care Provider give me peace of mind knowing I am with the right kind of caregiver. They did everything for me I am very happy.”

Rosina N. (Beverly Hills CA) “I have a Caregiver from EAI Care. I been with them for over a year now. They provide excellent service.”

John & Kay C. (San Pedro CA) “Our Male Caregiver is wonderful. He takes care of my husband and keeps him company. He also helps us with some household chores. EAI Care Provider has been wonderful to us. We are still with them”

Berley E. (Torrance CA) “We love EAI CARE PROVIDER. They are very professional in handling my Mother’s Needs. We will will continue to use their service cause they give us peace of mind knowing that someone will be there to help my mom.”

Eleanor B. (Manhattan Beach) “My Caregiver from EAI Care provider is Excellent she takes care of me and my needs making sure I get my meds and have my regular Doctor’s Appointment. Im happy with their service and any time I need assistance they are always there to respond”


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